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By-Laws of Spirit Cheerleading

Article I
The name of this activity will be known as Spirit Cheerleading. The known address will
be 125 Boombah Blvd., Yorkville, Illinois 60560.
Article II
The mission of this organization shall be:
1. To teach and instruct youths the basic skills of cheerleading and poms.
2. To be a feeder program to the High Schools in each area of this program.
3. To inspire youths to practice the ideals of teamwork and sportsmanship.
4. To develop physical fitness within a safe environment.
5. To accept adversity without complaint.
6. To respect authority.
7. To respect their teammates and opponents.
8. To develop self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.
Article III
Section (1): Any person who has a child enrolled in the program or has an active
interest shall be a member of the Spirit Cheerleading organization, and shall be subject to
its By-Laws.
Section (2): Any child meeting the requirements as set forth in the By-Laws of the
Spirit organization, shall be eligible for participation. All youth members must conform
to the Spirit Cheerleading organization By-Laws.
Section (3) Cheerleading Coaches: All Cheerleading Coaches are subject to the Spirit
Cheerleading organization By-Laws, background check and must have a completed
application on file with signed waiver.
Section (4) Disqualification: Any member not conforming to the By-Laws of the Spirit
Cheerleading organization may be disqualified at the discretion of the Director.
Article IV
Board of Directors
Section (1) Affairs of this entity shall be managed by the Board of Directors
Section (2) The board shall consist of at least 3 individuals and not to exceed 5
Section (3) Individuals shall serve a term of 2 years or until a replacement is found
Section (4) At meeting of the Board of Directors, a majority of the total members of the
Board shall constitute a quorum, and a majority vote of the members present at any such
meeting shall prevail.
Article V
Rules & Regulations
Section (1) All coaches, cheerleaders and parents shall conform to the rules &
regulations as prescribed by the Spirit Cheerleading organization By-Laws. The
responsibilities shall include but not be limited to the following:
1. Every student participating in this program must fill out a Registration Form and
all forms must be signed by student’s guardian.
2. Every child must adhere to the attendance policy set forth for that session. If any
child is in violation of this attendance policy, they can not compete in the
competition. No refunds issued for competition fees.
3. A $25.00 fee will be charged on any NSF check.
4. If there are any problems with any merchandise it must be returned with-in 2
weeks of receiving the order, for exchanges. No refunds on personalized items.
5. If a Division does not have a team of 3 people or more, we may ask this Division
to attend a younger or older aged Division. If students are moved to a different
Division, they may be asked to be moved back to their correct age Division, when
more students join their age group.
A. Cheerleading Coaches: The Cheerleading Coaches shall answer directly
to the Director. Their responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to
the following:
Instructing the cheerleaders in the basic fundamentals of cheerleading and
pom pom dance in a fun and energetic atmosphere.
Stressing good sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.
Advising members in regard to details concerning practice schedules,
competitions and other special activities.
Ensuring that the cheerleaders are wearing proper uniform attire to the
competitions and other special activities as directed by the Director.
In addition, each Cheerleading Coach shall be expected to submit an
injury report to the Director within 48 hours of any injury.
B. Cheerleaders: The rules and regulations governing cheerleaders personnel
are as follows:
All Cheerleaders must abide by the Spirit Cheerleading organization bylaws.
All Cheerleaders must wear proper uniform attire at all competitions and
special activities as directed by the Director. The Director shall designate
proper uniform code.
Uniforms must be kept clean and presentable. Any uniforms damaged due
to improper care will require need to be replaced at owners expense.
NO REFUNDS will be given for participants who elect to drop. The only
exception will be for medical reasons with a doctor’s note required.
Participants are expected to attend all practices. Any cheerleader may be
dropped from the team after three (3) unexcused absences.
All cheerleaders shall be expected to display sportsmanship at all times.
Participants shall be expected to pay attention to instructions from the
Coaches without excessive and continued disturbances.
Participants shall be expected to support their Squad and the Organization
by displaying their spirit, their enthusiasm, their loyalty and their
maintenance of a high standard of moral and ethical behavior.
Article VI
Duties of Director
Section (1): The Director has the authority to perform the following tasks without
approval from the Board.
1. Manage the affairs of this entity and take such action as necessary for the proper
transaction of business.
2. Make all day to day decisions.
3. Write all checks even those to his or herself for compensation and for expense
4. Hire coaches for coaching positions and management positions within this entity.
5. Sign rental agreements with facilities needed to rent for practices, competitions
6. Set up fundraisers for the cheerleaders to raise funds for their uniforms and/or
7. Oversee all squads and their respective Coaches, which shall include supervising
practices, competitions and special events.
8. Acting as a liaison between members of the Spirit Cheerleading organization and
the Cheerleading Coaches.
9. Suspending members, without Board approval, that do not conform to the Spirit
Cheerleading organization By-Laws.
10. Recommending disqualification of members that do not conform to the Spirit
Cheerleading organization By-Laws with no refund given.
11. The Director shall not incur any loans without approval from the Board.
Article VII
Section (1) Meetings shall be held quarterly at such time and place as the Board of
Directors designate.
Section (2) Any Board of Director or the Director may call a special meeting.
Section (3) Meetings may be held electronically, via e-mail or phone if necessary.
Article VIII
Amendment of the By-laws
These By-laws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new By-laws may be adopted
by a majority of the Board present at any board meeting.
Article IX
Upon termination of this entity, the remaining funds in the treasury will be used to pay
off all debts/bills in full. Any remaining funds will be disbursed as called by vote of the
remaining board members at the last meeting.